improve your writing skills

We all wish that we can write better and when we ask for advice, what we usually get is that, ” put in the hours, practice and you will get results.” But that takes time. For the impatient among you, I have created a list of 7 smart tips to improve your writing right now.

1. Keep It Short and Simple

I cannot emphasize more on this one. With content overload being a major problem faced by all of us these days, we don’t have the time needed to read long posts. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and don’t use fancy words from the dictionary; stick to simple and basic words.

2.  Be Specific

People like to get into the details and they expect it from you. If you just write generic sentences, no one will take you seriously. Just to give you an example;

  • I make a lot of money online.
  • I make most of my online income from selling affiliate products and selling my own ebook. I also make a decent amount of money from using Adsense and banners on my website.

Which one do you think is more interesting?

 3. Have Something of Value to Say

Don’t just write for the sake of it because if you do so, you will only write to fill pages and not deliver any value. If you think you know relatively more on a topic and can add value to the information that is already out there, then your writing flows naturally and your readers gain something out of it, making them come back for more. You should make it a habit to read extensively on your topic and choose your topic wisely.

4. Don’t Diverge From Your Topic

This is a problem faced by many. When we write , we often subconsciously forget about what we are writing and start diverging from our topic by writing something else which might be related to our main topic but is not relevant. Before you start writing, make a bullet point list of the topics that you will cover and keep referring to it if you find yourself not sticking to it.

5. Don’t Repeat Yourself

Once is good, twice is ok, but if you keep repeating and emphasizing a particular thing, your readers will not take kindly to it. Also don’t just repeat things to make your post longer; it won’t help trust me.

6. Add Personal Anecdotes

If  you think you can better explain what you are explaining by writing about a personal anecdote, do it. People love to read about how things work in the real world. If you have already done what you are teaching, people will want to know about your story. It’s also a way to connect with your readers.

7. Edit Edit Edit

When you have finished writing, go back to square one and read it from a reader’s perspective. See what you would like to read and eliminate what you wouldn’t like to read as a reader and not a writer. Also correct your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors along the way.

We all can’t be superstar writers but we all can improve. If you are a better writer than you were yesterday, take that as a success. I would like to hear from you about other tips than can help us improve our writing. Do share your thoughts by commenting below.